Pay it forward - An offer for our Flight Attendant partners

When I first started out, working from my studio apartment in Brooklyn, I received a $10,000 loan from my father to help pay for some brochures, business cards and a website. Needless to say that money didn’t last long in the craze, go mode of a start up business.  There’s always the next lead, the next conference and then the next dinner and drinks with the client that you are sure will change your entire business.

Soon enough I turned to American Express to help fund my growth with a revolving credit card balance. While this helped me make purchases, the mounting balance and crazy interest on top of it, made it seem like I would never see past the piling up bills and minimum payments.

Business was great, I was meeting amazing people, traveling all over the country and working with some big-name companies. But that excitement of success was always drowned out with the ever present thought in the back of my head that there’s a huge bill associated with this excitement that just won’t go away.

Finally, I met someone who, now that I think of it, I really owe everything to. This person heard my story and told me that she would pay off my entire credit card balance, just as long as I made two promises to her. The first, never use a credit card again. As crazy and so not realistic as it sounded to me then, I agreed. And guess what? The feeling of freedom to move forward without thinking that all my hard-earned money was going to an endless money pit was so liberating. It was such a freeing feeling that I finally had the confidence and true excitement to be the absolute best me. The second promise this amazing woman required from me was that if I was ever in a position to do the same for someone else, to help them break free from start up debt and truly succeed, then I need to repay that favor just as she did for me.

As you know, my goal and mission is to forge a true partnership with the flight attendant community. We have ongoing complimentary classes to teach how to plate, prep and garnish, so that you can be the absolute best you. Because, a successful flight attendant in turn means a successful catering company. We simply can’t exist without you and it’s so important for us to help you succeed as much as we possibly can. I’ve always been thinking about the best time to fulfill my second promise and it finally hit me.

Flight Attendants spend so much time, effort and money to train and become qualified to serve inflight. Our success depends so much on your success, a true partnership. What better way to fulfill my promise than with our partners? Here’s what we’ve come up with for Level 8 to succeed as a real team with each Flight Attendant:

For every flight attendant that places 10 orders combined, at any location worldwide within 40 days, we will pay $1,100.00 to any bill of your choice. If you don’t place that many orders, no worries! Place 5 orders in 40 days and we will pay $500 towards your bill of choice. We want to allow you to feel that freedom to run and put your absolute best, most exciting step forward each day and forget about the startup debt that helped bring you here.

We will send you a report once every 10 days of all the orders you’ve placed so you have a clear record of how close you are to becoming a free, ready to kill it, you. For details on this program and to register, please email

- Eli Bensoussan

Level 8 is proud to invest in the Corporate Flight Attendant community by offering Complimentary Culinary Courses twice a month.

Level 8 founder, Eli Bensoussan, has created a unique program to help our flight attendant partners pay off business debt.




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When I first started out, working from my studio apartment in Brooklyn, I received a $10,000 loan from my father... Read More...

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