Our Story

Vintage Caterers is the largest full service private jet inflight caterer, servicing many of the largest private jet operators and brokerage firms in the industry. For the last decade, clients have had to deal with an inflight catering industry that has become more commercial than private. Weak quality control, no consistency and extremely high prices became the norm. We undertook to change that. Vintage Caterers is not a typical inflight catering company. We offer a private chef - personal concierge experience. From the moment we receive a catering request, until delivery, we keep the client updated throughout the process, creating the perfect inflight culinary experience exactly as the client will expect it. We offer worldwide inflight catering and have a network of the finest culinary chefs in every departure location in the world. Each chef that we work with has been approved and tested prior to fulfilling private jet catering requests. We work with the same chef in each location, who understands our unique personalized approach and higher standards of quality.

We've custom built a state-of-the-art system that is able to track every step of the inflight meal from when we receive it until it is delivered to the FBO. This enables us to always be aware of each stage and update the client on its progress. Once an order is prepared photographs of our chef's culinary creations are sent in for our review and verification that everything is up to par. These photographs are sent to the client two hours prior to delivery in order to accommodate any changes and approval. Once an order is placed, a confirmation and invoice is sent within minutes so the client knows the exact cost of each item.

Drivers are equipped with our proprietary technology which updates us with their exact location at all times. Our ops team can now view the driver's location in real time along with exact arrival times for the drop off points. From the moment an order has been received, our team will provide continuous updates on the orders progress so you can rest assured the passengers will experience the quality and luxury that they expect.